Positive Mental & Physical Health

ConnectWellness is part of the Connect Group Services (CGS) Positive Employment Eco-System (PeES) Portfolio for the supportive approach to securing work, upskilling capabilities, optimally managing our working life and mitigating burn out whilst maximising productivity and ensuring a positive approach to Mental and Physical Health.

About Us


ConnectWellness are qualified and experienced ‘Wellness Ambassadors’ who represent the importance of Positive Mental and Physical Health and Wellbeing. We operate either onsite (at your workplace) or offsite; working to enhance emotional, mental and general psychological wellbeing of all employees through 1:1 support, psycho-education and promoting good mental health habits.


Programs & Services

Mind-Body Focus

We offer a range of carefully tailored Programs and workshops to suit the needs of your work culture and organisation structure. These can be delivered through lunch seminars, webinars, face to face workshops and can be aligned to the needs of leadership teams and/or employees. Workshops covers all aspects of mind-body from resilience, stress, lifestyle, gut-brain axis, job satisfaction, identifying and managing mental health, emotional intelligence, difficult clients and more.

Onsite Support

We work as a preventative model in your workplace; identifying and managing issues before they become apparent.

This is achieved by:
• Being present on site at your workplace,
• Confidential discussions with employees to discuss their concerns
• Observe the current status of workplace wellness,
• Contribute to a workplace wellness section on your website,
• To assess and manage risks present in the workplace
• Promote good mental health habits

1-On-1 Connect Psychology

As part of life, we all experience stress, grief and loss, balance, relationship issues and other challenges. Seeking counsel from a professional Psychologist can assist in overcoming such challenges with a focus on problem solving and change perspectives.

We offer professional, practical, evidence-based strategies to encourage good mental health and assist individuals to develop new strategies for coping with and navigating through life’s many challenges. Services can be on or off site and come at no or low cost through the use of GP Mental Health Care Plans.