Meet Our Bricoleurs

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Meet Our Bricoleurs

Connect Wellness offers organizations with their personal ‘Bricoleur‘; teaching teams and leaders inventiveness in the area of Wellness Innovation.

No matter the challenge organizations are facing, our Bricoleurs utilize a consistent framework of: Awareness – Recognising and learning warning signs and challenges seen in individual employees and teams, Appreciation – Teaching teams and leaders to embrace the diversity of personality and intelligence and, Advancement– Upskilling teams and leaders with practical and supportive strategies and solutions with the goal of optimally managing work/life integration.

Bricolage (Noun)

  1. Intimate knowledge of resources
  2. Careful observation and listening
  3. Trusting one’s ideas
  4. Self-correcting structures, with feedback

Bricoleur (Noun)

  1. To come up with innovative and unique ideas.

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